Exhibition RANGE

Offshore Engineeing Equipment
the designing and building companies of all kinds of offshore drilling platforms (submersible drilling platform, jack-up drilling platform semi-submersible, high column, tension-leg, pull the tower type, pipe rack, concrete gravity, conform to the tower and other deepwater offshore oil and gas drilling platform), drilling ships, oil platforms and service vessels, drilling production storage vessel, FPSO and other oil and gas drilling and service vessels, gas hydrate exploring & exploiting technology and equipment, the construction technology and equipment of offshore engineering, offshore vessels and offshore support vessels, the technology and equipment of floating production systems, oil and gas storage facilities.

Offshore Engineering Related Equipment and Service Facilities
AHTS (anchor handing towing supply vessel), platform supply vessel, driving support vessel, semi-submersible carrying vessel, multi-function vessel, submarine cable laying ship, lifting and pipe laying vessel, the designing and manufacturing companies of offshore ships and other offshore engineering integrated debugging aid ship, manned submersibles, unmanned submersible, underwater robots, the technology and equipment of current monitoring and hazard warming , marine electronics and electronics and electrical engineering, maritime navigation, communication system, GPS, driving technology and equipment, welding, the technology and equipment of cutting materials, the technology and equipment of flaw detection materials, the technology and equipment of anto-corrosion, marine environment and safety equipment.

The Design and Construction of Offshore Engineering Module
topsides of offshore oil and gas processing, offshore drilling platform live module, drilling module, oil water processing module, electrical modules, topside of artificial island, chemical injection skid, air compressor skid, pressure vessel skid, production, metering, water injection skid block sinks and other oil and gas process skid and equipment, offshore special steel.

Port Machinery
port wholly package and equipment configuration and technology solutions, field bridge, quay crane, gantry cranes, front lift and other port lifting equipment and a variety of spreaders, all kind of ship loader, spiral, chain bucket, vacuum, mobile and other types of ship unloader, bulk material handling and conveying systems.

Other Offshore Engineering Technology and Equipment
desalination technology and equipment, water treatment technology and equipment, renewable energy & chemical resources technology and equipment.

Trading Services for Offshore Engineering Equipment and Port Machinery
the showcasing of the on-line platform for China International Offshore Engineering Equipment & port Machinery Trade Center, financial leasing services, assurance services, affiliate guide and related services.