Post Show Report 2- Wonderful Review of CIOPE 2015

2016-04-11 4 Share

In the year of 2015, it attracted more than 300well-known enterprises home and abroad to exhibit in CIOPE, including 11companies from Fortune 500 Companies, 35 leading companies in the industry. Itstotal exhibiting space achieved to 27,000sqm, and it welcomed more than 15,000professional visitors all over the world.With CIOPE 2015, we had the renowned Domestic andforeign exhibitors of CNOOC Engineering, CGNPC, Siemens, SANY, XGSIC, XinzhengShip, BOMESC, Tidfore, TZ Binhai Heavy, L&H, SEW, Xingang Shipbuilding,Xnzheng Marine, Keen Offshore, Whale offshore,Jianfeng, START-ECH, Kaitai Group, Shenzhen Inovance,WORLDTECH, HSE, Tongli Group, Tianjin Tianfa, SLN, Tianjin EDU, CRRC, WeihuaGroup, Hongji Great Exploits, FAIRNESS GROUP, Nanjing Iron & Steel, TUTRIC,CIAC, The Institute of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose, SOA,ROPV, Wuhan Guide,VONTRON MEMBRANES, Beijing XTLD Technology, URANUS, Metaflux, Hengli Electric,Haote etc.

Meanwhile, a large amount of media covered theexhibition, including Tianjin TV, Binhai TV, Tianjin Daily, News Daily,JinwanBao, Binhai Times, Bohai Moring Paper,China Ship News, China Ocean News,China Ship Survey, Marine Enginnering, Haigognren, Guangdong shipbuilding, Shipand ocean engineering network, CSS, China offshore, CNOOE, Maritime-China,Shipoffshore, FaMen, Liuti, CnHangyun, 21Shipping, Worldoe, etc. Besides, China(Tianjin) International Offshore Industry Innovation and Development Forum,concurrently held with CIOPE 2015, was also highly recognized by professionals of the industry and government authorities.

Let’s view the fantastic moments of CIOPE