The Harbor Economic Area enjoys a planning area of 220 square kilometers. Its industrial layout is quite suitable for the development of offshore engineering equipment and port machinery. 


It is 22km away from Tianjin Binhai International Airplane, and takes 15-20 minutes to go to the venue by car if you drive from the outer ring road. Also, it is about 60 RMB by taxi. Advisory phone of Tinajin Binhai International Airplane is 86-22-24906363/24906364. 


Only 838 road can reach here directly for now, but there are multiple lines which can change to take 838 road to reach here. 


It is 12km away from Tianjin Railway Station, and takes about 18minutes by car. Also, it is about 35 RMB by taxi. It is only 30 minutes by Beijing-Tianjin inter-city train. The minimum train interval is 3 minutes. 


It is nearby metro line 6 which is with the Convention Center Station. Also, metro line 6 pass  through many large passenger transportation center such as Tianhuan Bus Terminal, Tianjin West Railyway Station Bus Terminal, Tianjin West Railyway Station, Tianjin North Railyway Station etc.


It is 8RMB within 3km, and calculates at 1.7RMB per kilometer upon beyond 3km. Also, waiting every 5 minutes is calculated as 1km.

Outer Ring Road

Meijiang International Convention & Exhibition Center is located in the intersection of Youyi South Road and outer ring road which is tricyclic of Tianjin and intersects with Tianjin-Binhai expressway, Tianjin-Jixian expressway, Tianjin-Beijing expressway, Tianjin-Baoding expressway, Tiangjin-Jinghai expressway, and Tianjin-Tanggu expressway.

Fast Road / Expressway

It is 5.5km away from fast road which connects together traffic line of Youyi Road Overpass, Jiefang South Road Overpass, Haihe River Bridge, Tianjin-Beijing expresseay etc. 

Youyi Road

It is the main road of financial service centre and closely ties with commercial center, entertainment center and business centre.